The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts

BUSHNELL Mortensen Hall

Hartford, CT

Programming Contacts
Ric Waldman
Vice President of Programming
(860) 987-6085

Tom Sessa
Director of Programming
(860) 987-6039


Name: Mortensen Hall
Capacity: 2,799 seats
Misc: Proscenium Stage

Name: Belding Theater
Capacity: 908 seats
Misc: Proscenium Stage

Name: Autorino Great Hall
Capacity: 240 capacity
Misc: Flat-Floor Ballroom

Booking Cycle

Possible Venue Usage
In-house Presentations
Co-Promoter Presentations
Rental Presentations

Presenting History Highlights
A.R. Rahman
The Illusionists
Jerry Seinfeld
Bill Maher
Jason Mraz
Tony Bennett
Eddie Vedder
Huey Lewis
Pres. Bill Clinton
Maya Angelou
Diana Ross
Ron White
Mike Epps



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